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Hello! My name is Jakub. I live in Poland (don't let the site domain confuse You).
I was born in Wałbrzych, Dolnośląskie (Lower Silesia) in 1982, and I still live in the city.

I have a master's degree in economy, after 5-year of master studies on University of Economy in Wrocław.

I can speak Polish (I'm Pole - so it's not a big achievement), quite good English, and a bit French. Besides - i realy like to comunicate with people in their native language - so also I understand a little bit Czech, Slovak, German and Russian.

If You wonder what is my hobby - I will tell that cars and travels (especialy car journeys) are the things I like the most. Since few years I started to learn more about photography, seeing the progres I could place this kind of art on my list. Besides - sometimes good book, or a little bit of tinkering, and off course - always a big bunch of good music.

Since few years I work as development quality engineer in R&D center in automotive multinational - Faurecia.
I'm responsible for product development in my department, sometimes I do the hand-modeling. I find my job very interesting.

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